Chris Hebberecht pigeons

Hebberecht pigeons

Within the eastern part of Flanders, Evergem, the Hebberecht family is very succesful on international alliances. Chris Hebberecht managed a strain fenomenal long distance and extreme long distance pigeons and won in his career 19 provincial races, including 9 victories during the last 8 years.


Provincial Championship 2015
1st champion long distance old & yearlings (1&2)
5th Acepigeon long distance old & yearlings
9th champion long distance young birds (1&2)

Championship Belgische Verstandhouding 2015
4th Criterium der Azen
7th team champion (with Verstraete R & X )
12th general champion
Co-winner Tierce long distance & Sextet

Championship F.V.O.V. 2015
1st champion Super Marathon
1st champion long distance old birds ( 1 & 2 )
2nd champion –old birds & yearlings
4th general champion
5th champion extreme long distance

Championship Grand Slam 2015
1st National Decathlon
1st champion Steeple Cup
1st champion Champions League
 8th Superprestige
11th National Marathon

Championship Zwalmvallei 2015
3th champion long distance old birds
3th champion extreme long distance
6th champion long distance
8sth champion long distance young birds

Brugse Championship 2015
1st champion Belgian National Fondtrophy old birds
1st Jan Breydel Marathon (4 times winner)
1st Acepigeon Belgian National Fondtrophy old birds (with “Eros”)
3th Acepigeon Jan Breydel Marathon (with Emir)

Championship Club der XX 2015
1st general champion
1st champion extreme long distance
1st champion long distance
6th champion young birds

Championship Vlaamse Fondvrienden 2015
1st general champion
2nd champion extreme long distance
2nd champion long distance

Championship Cureghem Centre 2015
3th champion long distance

Championship Fondclub Lokeren 2015
1st champion extreme long distance
1st champion superchampionship extreme long distance
1st Jackpot yearlings
2nd acepigeon extreme long distance
3th champion Rhonevallei
4th champion extreme long distance yearlings

Championship  Fondclub Eeklo 2015
2nd champion long distance